Keeping Game-Forum up and running costs money. Whilst we do not condone users to pay for our services and we want to keep Game-Forum a free platform for everyone, we still have to pay for certain services so users can use this website. Donating can help us financing Game-Forum and will keep the systems up an running. Abiding the law, we are unfortunately not able to offer you any gifts for your donation but we promise you that your donation is going to be used wisely. We will provide evidence anytime.

Some data

Some statistics about Game-Forum’s costs

The overall price of Game-Forum last year was: 210€

That is about:

  • 70 Big Macs
  • 21 full McDonals meals
  • 10 premium games on Steam
  • A new Nintendo 3DS
  • 21 months of Discord Nitro
  • 4 Stream Decks
  • And much more

How we used the money so far in 2024:

  • Website-Hosting 59% 59%
  • VPS-Server Hosting 30% 30%
  • Forum-Development (3rd party plugins) 11% 11%


Say hello to Game-Forum’s fractions!

Writers fraction

Write to improve

You love writing and improving a community with your texts? The writers fraction is the ideal fraction for you! In return you get extra features like saving and publishing drafts.

Raters Fraction

Rate to succeed

You love gaming and also love rating the games you’ve played? This fraction is perfect four you offering features like star rating and extra reactions.

Helpers Fraction

Help to improve

You love helping other gamers? The Helpers fraction is all about helping others and rewards members with extra features like limited access to our ticket system!