Game-Forum is alway open minded for new sponsors and thrives to work with other communities or people. We want to engage in several activities to improve gaming in the way it is and thus are enthused about working with others. We want to be an interesting partner compared to other communities when it comes to working with us.


Our current sponsors

The bad news 🙁

There are no sponsors right now

At the moment, we do not have anyone that is sponsoring Game-Forum or that is partnered with us 🙁

The good news 🙂

You can apply!

Just because there are no sponsors right now, doesn’t mean there will never be any. You can apply to sponsor us if you think that you are an interesting partner for us!


Your benefits


Sponsor rank

As a sponsor you’ll get an exclusive rank in our forums whith special permissions no other user can have. We’ll help you with that once you receive your rank!


Promotional treats

Game-Forum thrives to promote its partners and who they are working with. Wheter we will keep our community updated about your business or mention you in newer videos, we’ll let everyone know that you are cool and we love working with you!


Personal support

If you happen to need any help, Game-Forums administrators will always be there for you to provide personal administrive support for you and your business.


You’ll know a lot

We at Game-Forum think that transparency with our partners is important. We will let you know about future changes earlier than other users so you can intervene if there is something you do not completely agree with. Partners have a right to be heard and if there is something you do not like, we want to change that in a way both parties are happy with!


Everyone knows something

We don’t want to benefit from you solely. That’s why we want to exchange our experience with yours too. If there happens to be a situation where you don’t know how to act, maybe we’ll know. We want to maintain a close relationship where both parties benefit from.

Become a sponsor!

Sponsor application form

First off, are you older than 18 years?

I agree having filled out this form correctly and properly

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Say hello to Game-Forum’s fractions!

Writers fraction

Write to improve

You love writing and improving a community with your texts? The writers fraction is the ideal fraction for you! In return you get extra features like saving and publishing drafts.

Raters Fraction

Rate to succeed

You love gaming and also love rating the games you’ve played? This fraction is perfect four you offering features like star rating and extra reactions.

Helpers Fraction

Help to improve

You love helping other gamers? The Helpers fraction is all about helping others and rewards members with extra features like limited access to our ticket system!