Game-Forum is an English Gaming Community created from Gamers for other Gamers! At Game-Forum every type of Gamer is welcome. You need someone to play with? No problem! At Game-Forum you can search for other players that like the same games as you do. We offer support for a lot of specified games and even if there once isn't the game you like, our Community is still open for your questions and your creativity!

About the Gaming Community

The goal

Here at Game-Forum we want to built a Gaming Community where everyone, no matter where they are from, can upload and download additions to other games and share experiences. We also want to help new players get into Gaming easily. Gaming should be something fun and we want to make Gaming a better place for everyone.

How it works

To join our Gaming Community, you need to create an account and log in with it. The whole process is totally free and doesn't cost any cent. With registration you agree to our Terms and Conditions. After registration you can exchange your content with many other users and post threads. After posting your content, it will be reviewed by our moderation team, which usually takes 5-10 minutes. Then you are free to go!

Why us?

Game-Forum is existing for more than 2 years now. Over time we built up a Gaming-Community as well as our skills. More than 60% of the people that started Game-Forum with us, are still a member of the team. We all improved our skill over time which is the reason, why we can guarantee, that this Gaming Community is a safe place for everyone.

Our history

Game-Forum is a Gaming Community that was created on the 11th of Mai 2020. Starting with a downloaded forum software we quickly realised, that it wasn't the thing we really wanted. Jumping over to Wordpress with an integrated forum was just a temporary solution which was taking a lot of performance. So we decided, just one year after first creating Game-Forum, to create our own Website by coding it. The current Game-Forum was finished in December 2021 and is now available for everyone. The small project two brothers started, became a project where a lot of effort had gone into.


At Game-Forum we think, it is important that a Gaming Community is a safe place for everyone. That's why we developed a concept how to keep our Gaming Community the safe place it always was. If users post something, the post is checked by our moderators before beeing visible to everyone. However, we are also only human, if users should whitness some malicious users, the can always report them via a simple and easy to understand report feature. Our staff will then take appropriate actions to keep Game-Forum a safe Gaming Community!

Gaming for children

Only because you are a child, doesn't mean gaming is not meant for you. Here at Game-Forum we want to bring every user that is younger than 14 years slowly into Gaming and this is how we do it.
If you are a parent, you can let us know if you want the account of your child to be restricted. Restricted Accounts don't have access to forums about Games that are meant to be for over 16 year olds. Also we removed some features that may occur inapropriate for younger users.

Restrict my childs account

Upcomming events

We are honest. Till now we did not plan any events. We do have some ideas but we are still planning how to host these events. If there are upcomming events, you will find them here and on our social media plattforms.

If you want to know what we are planning to do, we can give you a small kind of taste. We plan on giving different types of Gamers the possibility to stand up for their minority and tell others about their experience. However, these are just first ideas, we are always open for other ideas.

Two people on a couch playing pc games

Supported Games

Sea of thieves cover

Sea of thieves

Pegi 7
Grand Theft Auto V cover

Grand Theft Auto V

Pegi 18
CS:GO cover

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Pegi 18
Minecraft cover


Pegi 7
Valorant cover


Pegi 12
Ark Survival Evolved cover

ARK Survival Evolved

Pegi 12
Rocket League cover

Rocket League

Pegi 3
Shellshock Live cover

Shellshock Live

Pegi 12