Game-Forum is a gaming community made from enthusiastic gamers to support other gamers. On Game-Forum you can find everything you need to advance in your favourite games, tips on how to mod your gaming consoles or anything else regarding gaming.  Game-Forum is also a place for gamers to exchange their knowledge and for new gamers to gain new skills and find new friends!


Game-Forum has been online since May 2020. Over time Game-Forum and it’s staff has made a lot of experience when it comes to managing an online community. Game-Forum is mainly about the game and still aims to help gamers who need help in online games.

About the staff

Game-Forum’s staff is thriving to give it’s users the best experience one can have in an online forum.


To encourage users to engange with our community, Game-Forum has a lot of specials like free ranks and an exciting reward system to offer!

Our Community

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We support every console

Game-Forum doesn’t limit itself to one console only. Whilst we mainly support PC Gaming, we set not boundaries when it comes to other consoles like the XBox or the Nintendo Switch!


Safer gaming

Game-Forum has been thriving to make gaming a safe place for people over the years. we pursue a forum where no boundaries regarding age or other aspects matter. We thus want to help parents understand their childs activity too.


We offer experience for free!

Game-Forum offers the experience it’s gained over the years for everyone without any limits. Ask your questions and someone else will help you with your problem!


We grow together

Game-Forum’s users grow together and gain knowledge over time. Many users make friendships over Game-Forum and play together for long times.


Support is free

Wether you need help or have a problem with a user online. Game-Forum helps it’s users for free and most of the time within 24 hours.


Know the other users

The newly added fractions system help you unterstand a users general interests in Game-Forum. Join a fraction and with that a community of like minded people!

Coming soon

Game-Forum’s fractions

Writers fraction

Write to improve

You love writing and improving a community with your texts? The writers fraction is the ideal fraction for you! In return you get extra features like saving and publishing drafts.

Raters Fraction

Rate to succeed

You love gaming and also love rating the games you’ve played? This fraction is perfect four you offering features like star rating and extra reactions.

Helpers Fraction

Help to improve

You love helping other gamers? The Helpers fraction is all about helping others and rewards members with extra features like limited access to our ticket system!